When and how do I drop off and pick up my camper?

All Episcopal Summer Institute programs run from Sunday afternoon through Friday afternoon. Any time between 2pm and 4pm on the Sunday of your camper's program, you may drop your camper off on-campus.

Pick-up will take place between 4pm and 6pm on the Friday that camp program ends.

For campers attending more than one Episcopal Summer Institute offering, or staying for consecutive weeks, we offer the option for campers to stay for "D.C. Discovery Weekend". Over the weekend, these campers remain in the dorms until their next program starts on Sunday, and take unique and exclusive D.C. trips, have community-building events on-campus and explore the region in a custom-built curriculum just for them, and focused around teamwork and fun.

During their stay, all campers will be staying in Episcopal High School dorms. All dorms at Episcopal Summer Institute will be single-gender by floor. There are common areas on the ground floor of each dorm that are co-ed, shared spaces, but there is no visitation to or between floors of a camper's opposite gender. Campers of the same gender are permitted to visit each other's rooms until 9:30pm, when campers will be asked to be in their own room prior to 10:00pm lights out.

All dorms are supervised by ESI staff on each floor, as well as a residential lead counselor in each dorm.

All ESI campers will be placed with roommates based on age and program. If your camper is attending with a friend, you may indicate that during registration, and we will do our best to place them together in their dorm. Dorm rooms at Episcopal vary from doubles to quads, and depending on enrollment, age, and programming, campers may be with one to three roommates during each week of residential programming.

Yes! Our on-staff Registered Nurse will be available as necessary to residential campers. Our nurse will be on-site as a residential and overnight resource to campers, should they need it.

Absolutely - we know that many campers take either prescription or over-the-counter medications, and our on-staff registered nurse is licensed to hold and administer these medications as necessary.

Campers are not permitted to have or hold their own medication - we ask that all campers check their medication in with our nurse upon check-in each Sunday afternoon.

All medication is distributed by our on-staff registered nurse. All morning and evening medications are distributed at meals. Bedtime medications are distributed by the nurse immediately prior to camper lights out.

Each Episcopal Summer Institute program has specially-designed trips into Washington, D.C. for their curriculum, as well as additional trips to explore and experience the city as a group. For these trips, it is up to the discretion of the family and camper if they would like to bring additional spending money for food or souvenirs.

If you do decide to bring additional spending money for your camper, you'll be asked to check in that amount upon arrival at Episcopal Summer Institute. ESI staff will hold this for safekeeping, and distribute it to campers upon request, and up to the amount which they "deposited" initially. At any one time, campers may only request a maximum of $50.

All meals for Episcopal Summer Institute campers will be provided at Episcopal High School's dining hall. The dining hall has options at each meal, depending on dietary preferences and restrictions, including nut-free, gluten-free, and vegetarian options.

To create an atmosphere of independence, and to foster and develop each camper's autonomy and self-directed process, we do not allow visitors during any given week of Episcopal Summer Institute. However, each Friday afternoon, there is a showcase portion of ESI programs, during which they have the opportunity to share the work they've been doing over the course of the week with their classmates, teachers, parents, and ESI community. During this time, parents and visitors may come and observe this showcase portion.

Absolutely! Episcopal High School’s student body represents students coming from all over the country and globe — and each summer, Episcopal Summer Institute reflects this.

Due to the nature of the academic instruction, all classes are conducted fully in English, and English language fluency is required to participate in all programs.

Please note: all international students — as well as all students not residents or students in the commonwealth of Virginia — are required to submit the “Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Health Form” to participate. This document can be found after enrolling in the “Forms” section of your Parent Dashboard account.