Episcopal Summer Institute
Academic overnight camps for middle schoolers located at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, VA

The Creative Labs

  • July 2019
  • Rising 7th to 9th Grade
  • $1295
Young Writers Workshop

Young Writers Workshop

July 7-12, 2019

This Creative Lab will encourage aspiring writers to discover their authentic voice via fiction writing, poetry and journaling. Through daily mindfulness and freewriting exercises, as well as structured writing, feedback and revision sessions, students will practice the craft of writing while working to develop their own unique voice. Students will listen to podcasts, read memoirs and visit the stomping grounds of famous local writers for inspiration, and all students will receive daily constructive critique. The session culminates in a reading for family, friends and the larger community.

Meet the Faculty

Ben Courchesne

Ben Courchesne

English, Associate Dean of Students

In addition to teaching in the English Department at Episcopal High School, Ben also serves as the Associate Dean of Students and the Dean of International Students. He focuses his efforts on creating meaningful holistic student experiences, as well as making the transformative power of a boarding school education more accessible to all. His passions include writing poetry and researching topics in education.

Activities may include:

  • Experimenting with various writing styles including spoken word poetry, journaling, narrative writing and fiction writing.
  • Learn to develop, shape, draft, refine, and finish a piece of writing.
  • Daily feedback and revision to help establish a solid writing process.
  • Day trips to local sites used as writing inspiration and those of famous historical importance.
  • Editing, reading and discussing personal portfolio work for the final reading event.

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